Soul Friendship

In the Celtic tradition this was called Anam Cara or ‘Soul Friendship’. Living Spirit is committed to making this level of deep soul work available.

Soul friendship is at the heart of the Living Spirit network…
As spiritual counselling unfolds, it can develop naturally into a deepening soul friendship. Regular attendance of groups and meetings can also grow into an experience of being in the midst of soul friends who are sharing an informal and yet deep sense of spiritual community. Soul Friendship is very different from more traditional therapeutic, teaching or ministry approaches, which maintain strict boundaries between therapist and client, teacher and student, priest and layperson.

In Soul Friendship the sense of separation begins to soften and there is an increasing understanding and experience of being simply equal and unique souls on both individual and shared spiritual journeys.

Soul friendship often extends beyond formal sessions or meetings into other nourishing, soulful and shared activities from visiting natural, sacred places or other spiritual groups, to drinking tea! Soul friendship is at the heart of the Living Spirit network, which is co ordinated by a small group of soul friends.